The anti-vaccination movement is having an impact in Minnesota - in all the wrong ways.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports an outbreak of measles is underway in Minnesota, mainly in the Somali-American community of the Twin Cities.

Authorities are blaming the 'anti-vaxxer' movement. Former state Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm says this is the first true outbreak of the disease in Minnesota since 1990, in which three children died.

Dr. Osterholm says the three 1990 fatalities were the result of families 'falling through the cracks' of the system. The current outbreak, he notes, is different; it stems from a deliberate decision by parents to not vaccinate their children.

The medical community has discredited the claims of the anti-vaxxers. Medical facilities like the Centers For Disease Control, the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University have published articles on the subject.




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