Medical marijuana facilities in Fargo and Bismarck are moving forward in their efforts to grow and sell to dispensaries.The Bismarck Tribune reports Grassroots Cannibas in Fargo and pure Dakota LLC in Bismarck both got the nod to begin the registration process with the State Department of Health.
The two facilities will have a number of hoops to jump through before they get the authorization to distribute.

One potential snag is that one of the agents, David Meyer has had issues with the law.

Meyer, a Flasher cattle rancher, had a run-in with the Environmental Protection Agency, who "quarantined" 900 of Mr. Meyer's buffalo after it was found that Rozol poison was illegally used to kill prairie dogs on his former Cannonball Ranch near the Standing Rock Reservation.

Jason Wahl, representing the Fargo facility, says he hopes to attend meetings over the next week to "to establish tentative timelines" and "determine when they will begin testing products."

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