The Vikings enter Week 15 with a 9-4 record, and currently holding the 6th seed in the NFC postseason tournament.  Despite being 5 games over .500 the Vikings still are not a lock to make the playoffs.  Of course a lot will happen in the remaining three weeks, so let’s take a look at some scenarios of how things could play out between now and the end of December.

Let’s start with a recap of the current teams still contending for a postseason birth, arranged by current seeding, along with their remaining schedule. The top 6 seeds qualify for the postseason.

NFC Playoff Picture

TeamWeek 15Week 16Week 17
1. 49ers (11-2)FalconsRamsat Seahawks
2. Packers (10-3)Bearsat Vikingsat Lions
3. Saints (10-3)Coltsat Titansat Panthers
4. Cowboys (6-7)Ramsat EaglesRedskins
5. Seahawks (10-3)at PanthersCardinals49ers
6. Vikings (9-4)at ChargersPackersBears
7. Rams (8-5)at Cowboysat 49ersCardinals
8. Bears (7-6)at PackersChiefsat Vikings
9. Eagles (6-7)at RedskinsCowboysat Giants

No Playoffs Scenarios for Vikings

If the Vikings lose their remaining three games, pretty good chance they miss the playoffs. In fact that would be a near certainty as the Rams would likely win at least one more game.

If the Vikings lose two of their last three, finishing 10-6, also not a great chance to make the playoffs. I’d be surprised if the Rams lost two of their remaining three, which they’d need to do for the Vikings to make the playoffs, along with the Bears losing at least one more.

The Vikings could lose one more game, however, and still have a decent chance to make the playoffs. The Rams could lose to the 49ers, and the Bears lose a game too, which would be enough to give the Vikings the 6th seed.

Bottom Line

The Vikings cannot afford to lose a game. Yes, they can lose a game and still make the playoffs, but their postseason road would get a lot longer - with every game played in another playoff team’s home stadium, rather than the comfort and advantage of US Bank stadium, where the Vikings are undefeated.

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