The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is coming to North Dakota this weekend!

The train travels from state to state, staying mainly in the northern part of the country and eventually making its way up to Canada. And lucky for us, it makes its way through North Dakota!

As they started their journey in November, The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train will stop in various towns along the way and put on a light show along with a concert. This years special guests are country artist Meghan Patrick, Tanika Charles and Kelly Prescott. They're not only a show, they also collect food donations for the local food banks in the community.

Photo of Meghan Patrick - Getty Images

Here's a list of recommendations:

Grain Products – whole grain bread, brown rice, whole wheat crackers, hot and cold cereals, granola bars, muffins

Vegetables and Fruit – canned fruit and vegetables, 100% fruit juice, tomato sauce, canned soup, tomato juice, and applesauce

Milk Products – dry milk powder, milk puddings, cheese spreads, fresh milk, yogurt, and cheese (if accepted)

Meat and Alternatives – canned meat and fish, peanut butter, canned baked beans, dried or canned beans and lentils

Reduced sodium canned and jarred goods are preferred.

Here is the schedule for North Dakota.

It will also be passing through the following towns:
Starting Saturday
Stop in Hankinson at 6:30pm
Stop in Enderlin at 9:05pm
Valley City
On Sunday
Stop in Carrington at 1:30pm
Stop in Harvey at 3:45pm
Stop in Minot at 6:30pm
Stop in Kenmare at 8:30pm
Stop in North Portal, Canada at 11:45am on Monday.

Bundle up and go check it out!

You can also follow The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train in real time, just click here!