It's Summer, and we're all looking for reasons and ways to get out to the river. If you're like me, this may be especially hard. Psst- I don't have a boat. The struggle is very real. I'm currently taking "Friend with Boat" applications to anyone interested.

Anyway. there's an event coming up that might scratch your river-fun itch.

Musical Missouri

The Dakota West Arts Council and Northern Plains Heritage Foundation are putting on "Music on the Missouri at Keelboat Park." It is set for Friday, July 8th from 5:30 to 8pm.

I stumbled across an event on Facebook earlier today.

According to the page, Northern Plains dance will be performing, and there will be local artists like "The MoonCats."

To Make It Better

The event is free to all ages, you just bring your own chairs and blankets. Food trucks and beverages will be there too. -- Yes, beverages of the "adult" nature will also be available.

Letting Loose

Before the cold weather months sneak back up on us, get out and do something fun. Take every opportunity you can to enjoy the weather and spend time with the community. It couldn't hurt, right?

And honestly, how many things are free these days? That in itself is something to take advantage of, if you ask me.

If You Don't Know

Keelboat Park is where the Lewis & Clark Riverboat docks. It's the perfect place for pictures, as there's cool statues and a great view of the Old Railway Bridge. There's also trails over that way, so if you need to stretch your legs, you have plenty of space to do it.


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