Saturday morning (Oct.15), more protests were made in the morning at the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline while the debate continues between officials and the ACLU on the definition of a riot.

Officers were called to St. Anthony at about 9 a.m. as over 100 protesters gathered southeast of County Highway 81 in Morton County. The protestors sang and beat the drum for about an hour as police held a line.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Police arrested at least 14 people, and work was stopped on the pipeline about 9 a.m. and resumed by 2 p.m. Other people were arrested for trespassing on a ranchers private land and another protestor was arrested after he attached himself to a piece of equipment.


Some of the protestors were "taken back" by the heavy police presence and the amount of riot equipment and gear. Several roadblocks were set up on Highway 6 and on other back roads of Morton Country around the St. Anthony area.