Local boy crushing it in the National Football League

That would be Century High School's alum Carson Wentz of course. After he achieved a brilliant college career at North Dakota State, Wentz found himself testing the NFL scouts and kicking back to see just how high he would be drafted in the pros. That answer came on April 28, 2016.

The draft day brings out every college player's hopes and dreams

Carson found out his fate that day when the Philadelphia Eagles picked him 2nd overall. Seems like just yesterday when and the Eagles won the Super Bowl in only his second season. His professional career hasn't been easy, like a ton of other players, injuries have been a part of his life. A broken wrist in college, and was sidelined in just his 2nd outing with the Eagles in his rookie year. It's a brutal game and the players accept that.

There are cheap shots and then there are REALLY CHEAP SHOTS

March 17, 2021, Carson was traded to the Indianapolis Colts, a brand new start. Playing healthy again, the Colts have seen an upswing lately, currently at 8 and 6 on the season, they have won 5 out of their 6 games. Off the field, Wentz just recently had another child, his second. Will this be it for the Wentz family? If Carson takes any more cheap shots like he did last Saturday it just might be.

When someone says their "ability to reproduce" has been attacked, we tend to pay attention.

It's obvious when you are a quarterback, you are at risk. One missed block by one of your linemen can land you flat on your back. You are the very center of all the heated action. This past Saturday, the Colts took on the New England Patriots. One of the Pats got a little too friendly with Wentz. According to profootballtalk.nbcsports.com "Colts quarterback Carson Wentz angrily confronted Patriots pass rusher Matt Judon. Wentz said that Judon took a cheap shot at Wentz in the place where a man least wants to get a cheap shot" ALL guys can relate to this problem. I feel your grimace. Wentz made another comment to the Indianapolis Star that pretty much wraps it up "...when a man’s ability to reproduce is being in question and there’s some other extracurriculars, guys’ hands need to be at their sides,”

Now let's all just cough, and move on

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