Following North Dakota State's victory over Iowa, many in the sports world argued that the Bison should make it into the nation's Top 25. They almost did.

The AP rankings come out each Sunday after Saturday's slate of college football games and this week, NDSU received a record number of votes for any FCS school.

North Dakota State received a tot of 74 votes, tied with UCLA. NDSU received more votes this week than Boise State, Iowa, Cal, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Oregon and a plethora of other top college football programs.

It's typically difficult for FCS teams to earn their way into the AP's Top 25 considering the strength of schedule. FCS schools play a majority of other FCS schools so even when teams like the Bison, dominate their opponents and win national titles, it's hard to compare where the Bison would stand if they played a majority of FBS schools.

Of course over the last six years, the Bison are now 6-0 against FBS opponents.

The rest of the Bison games this year are against conference foes and therefore all against the FCS. As the season progresses, despite how well the Bison continue to do, they will likely receive less votes in the AP poll as other FBS teams continue to assert their dominance.

But for now, it's a pretty amazing feat to see the Bison just two spots away from making the Top 25 this week.