The NFL's new helmet regulation is proving to be a puzzle to many - including some of the players and coaches most directly affected by it.As the Washington Post notes, when the league put the new rule in place back in march, many hailed it as a step in the right direction for safeguarding plays against seriously head injuries.

But now, as the pre-season gets rolling, many players - and coaches are debating the merits of the new rule, while trying to figure out just how it's all supposed to work.

While the rule sounds simple enough - a play can not "lead with his head," i.e. lower his head to make contact with his helmet - enforcement has already proven to be a hassle.

The new rule was called twice during the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio last week, between the Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears.

To be sure, not everyone approves. Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo showed up in training camp wearing a hat that says, "Make Football Violent Again."

Based on what you've seen, are you a fan of the new rule? Your comments are welcome.

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