On Monday, Men's Journal happened to tweet about the 'Best Beers in America,' and it turns out, some are closer than you know.

Okay, so it turns out there are 101 beers on this list. All the same, I couldn't be more curious as to where North Dakota fit in when I saw this tweet:

You'll notice that when you click on the article, you'll see a beer that might look a little familiar, like when we mentioned 'The Best Craft Brewery in North Dakota.' Fargo Brewing Company has a good product on their hands with their Iron Horse pale ale, and the guys at Men's Journal took notice.

The other North Dakota beer appearing on the list for 'Best Beers in the America' is Drekker Brewing's 'Broken Rudder with Coffee.' Anytime a coffee flavored beer can be made into an Irish red ale, it's at least worth trying.

If nothing else, it's nice to know that in terms of where beer matters, North Dakota matters. Some people seem to think we have some pretty excellent beer here and I am not one to argue. Cheers!

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