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As you probably know, last night's (Wednesday, May 4th) episode of "Forged in Fire" featured a North Dakota native. "Forged in Fire" is a TV series that airs on the History Channel every week

Cody Adolphson, owner of "Little Wolf Ironworks" was in the competition, showing off his bladesmith skills.

Winner Winner!

Even though Adolphson is relatively new to the craft, (he started a couple years ago in 2020), it didn't take him long to pick things up. If you missed it, yeah--he totally won!! Yay! Winners of the competition get a cool 10 grand -- not too bad, ehh? Well, that, and bragging rights!

Victory Lap

I reached out to Adolphson to see what he had to say about winning.

"It's a dream come true. I knew for a while, but being able to share it with the rest of the nation now is awesome," said Adolphson.

Adolphson says it's been very difficult keeping this secret for so long. He went to tape the show all the way back in November!


If you're like me, you're wondering when he's going to get that money. I asked Adolphson, and his answer was pretty funny.

"I haven't looked. It might be in my bank account right now!" said Adolphson.

And of course, I had to ask what he plans to do with all of that money. Adolphson told me he plans to buy another power hammer. -- They typically run for about $8,000 dollars.

A Celebration With Family & Friends

To watch the episode, Adolphson's mom and girlfriend helped to organize a private viewing party at the Bismarck Eagles Club. His closest friends and family members were all there to show support. When the big reveal came at the end, Adolphson said everyone started cheering.

They even had a special raffle at the event, where they auctioned off one of his knives. The proceeds went to one of Adolphson's friends, who had been injured while responding to an electrical incident in Williston. They raised $3,300 dollars for the man's family.

Cody Adolphson
Cody Adolphson



What's Next?

Adophson thanks everyone for being so supportive; he says it continues to blow him away. He also told me that since the episode aired, business at Little Wolf Ironworks is booming, so, he plans to continue doing what he loves.

Round Two?

Adolphson says he could even be going back on the show for a special "Champions" episode. We don't have any details on that just yet.

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