Energy. North Dakota makes so much of it...because we use so much of it.

Our buddies at WalletHub are at it again.  WalletHub is a site that loves crunching numbers. In college statistics classes things for me got foggy very fast. But statistics aggregators will tell you the real truth is always going to lie in the numbers. You don't have to be at the top in every category to be top overall.

Where does the state rank in total energy cost?

Oil, Gas, Coal, Wind, Ethanol, Natural Gas- we kick ass making energy and we kick ass paying for it. North Dakota comes in third in the nation in total energy cost. South Dakota wusses out coming in at a pretty weak 14th place. The only states that pay more are Alaska and Wyoming.  Wyoming is actually at number one by a pretty wide margin.

Strange how the greener the state the more the energy cost.


Source: WalletHub

OK, so it's more like aquamarine.

So it seems you have to add up the Monthly Electrical Cost (21), Monthly Natural Gas Cost (47), Monthly Motor Fuel Cost (7), and Monthly Home Heating Oil Cost (3).

(#)s are North Dakota rankings amongst states...they break it down here.

We rule in natural gas.  Our actual natural gas price is listed as the 50th lowest out of 51 (D.C. included). Seems only Idaho is better. Fair enough, Idaho is cool.  Of course, North Dakota uses a lot of energy because it's freezing cold in the winter and sometimes kinda hot in the summer. Read the article and digest their conclusions and let me leave you with my thought.

Energy is produced to be sold and sent to other markets.

Why couldn't I put the cheapest gas ON THE PLANET in my car filling up at the once-owned Tesoro gas station on the top of Sunset in Mandan.  A Tesoro gas station that was only one commanding golf tee shot from a Tesoro-operated GAS REFINERY just up the road.

Cheapest gas never.

Maybe sometimes they did have the cheapest gas some days.  But still...the refinery was right there!'s another survey that simply says it's expensive to stay warm in the cold and stay cool in the heat. Texas was last in heating oil consumption per user- they just go ahead and crash the grid when it gets cold.

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