A recent study was done by someone, with probably way too much time on their hands, to find out what emojis each state prefers.

It seems that Reviews.org went out of their way to research through Google searches, polls, and Instagrams to find what the results for each state would be. However, it seems that North Dakota either hates emojis or is completely emotionless, as our state apparently does not provide enough info for a conclusive result. Basically, North Dakota is lacking in its use of emojis.

Don't worry, we're not alone. New Hampshire, Delaware, Idaho, and Wyoming also hate emojis, so those states' results were also inconclusive.

"Smiling Face with Heart Eyes" seems to be the most popular in Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin. Those people are either loving life or they're too busy bragging about their significant other to their followers on social media.

"Thumbs Up" was also extremely popular. Of course, it is. It's the easiest way to stop a conversation without making the person you're talking to upset. Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Montana use it the most frequently.

"Face with Tears of Joy" is popular in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Indiana, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Indiana, Virginia, and Massachusetts. These people are all either actually hilarious, or they all just think they are and they're laughing at their own jokes. I'd vote for the latter.

The "Pile of Poo" really needs no introduction. It's most frequented by Nevada, Oklahoma, Iowa, and West Virginia. Good luck and Godspeed to those states.

"Unamused Face" won over Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, and New Jersey. This emoji is the less animated cousin of "Face with Rolling Eyes" which is again self-explanatory. That face is used mostly in Mississippi and Arkansas. Makes sense.

One that should concern is "Loud Crying Face." It's most used by Florida (of course), Tennessee, and Washington. If you know someone in one of those states, just try to be there for them.

There are a few others to be mentioned, but you can find everything I'm talking about and the whole map of these results by clicking this link.

In case you're confused on any of these, we've provided a nice short video below.

In the meantime, feel free to show some emotion, North Dakota.



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