Prepare to be amazed as almost effortlessly this seemingly massive sow scoots up a tree to join a hunter in his tree stand.  Talk about seeing eye-to-eye!  Whatever you do, don't call her a "massive sow" to her face or that black bear may take off yours.

When your friend tells you black bears are "the nice bears" they're lying to you.

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Yogi Bear and Boo Boo are nice bears although long time picnic basket thieves. I think the Care Bears seem like a pretty nice group of bruins (often referred to as a "sloth of bears").  I'd say most of us would think the grizzly bear is the most dangerous, in fact, the polar bear is by far the biggest jerk.  They're known to hunt humans and eat them.

The most dangerous bear is the one that climbs up a tree you're in...

Don't let that scare you off watching this's really more teddy bear than naughty bear.  You'll no doubt watch it a number of times to see the incredible speed and ease this black bear joins hunter Jerry Moffatt in his tree stand. From Jerry's YouTube Channel here's a breathtaking bear encounter.

I like the way the video ends with Jerry delivering a very sincere "Holy sh**"

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Fortunately for North Dakotans that are up in trees, our black bear population is pretty scarce with about a dozen sightings per year primarily in the Northern and Eastern portions of the state.

Between 2000-2017 there were 46 fatal bear attacks in North America.

Sadly, these 46 attacks resulted in 48 deaths. Data reveals that 19 of the incidents happened in Canada. Moreover, 27 occurred in the US.

Furthermore, black bear attacks statistics show that black bears were involved in 25 incidents, while brown bears were involved in 21.

If you didn't read the comment on Jerry's YouTube video, you should probably give it another watch and give them a read.  Funny stuff.

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