If you're looking to save money on a Christmas tree this holiday season, you're definitely in the right place.

According to Square, North Dakota has the least expensive Christmas trees in the nation at an average price of just $27 each. The state with the most expensive Christmas trees is California where the average price is $76.

Perhaps the lack of trees in North Dakota might make you think differently about where prices should be for Christmas trees with regards to supply and demand, but apparently, that is not the case.

The data also found that the closer you get to Christmas, the cheaper your Christmas tree will be for purchase. Below you can see the graph that shows what happens with the average price at December 25th approaches.

Statistically speaking, Black Friday would not be the day to go out and get a new Christmas tree. The data collected by Square (a credit card firm) also shows that December 2nd is traditionally the most popular day to purchase a Christmas tree.
Based on this data, we're in a good spot to get a nice tree at a low price. Happy Christmas tree hunting, North Dakota!

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