Apparently, every state has its own priorities when it comes to Christmas. Someone did the research to find out what each state was Googling on December 25th.

Just what was everyone in North Dakota typing into Google on Christmas Day? Was it the impending winter storm's forecast? Could it be the gifts they'll purchase when they go to exchange the gift they received but didn't want? Or could it perhaps be the reason why we celebrate Christmas in the first place? None of the above.

North Dakota's top Google search on Christmas was traditionally one of the most popular movies of the holiday season, 'A Christmas Story'.

Neighboring states Montana and South Dakota were Googling food and family respectively. Montana's most Googled search was Christmas Recipes while Family Activities was the topic in South Dakota. To the east, Minnesota was much more concerned with Target's Christmas Hours. However, they weren't the only ones in the shopping mood. Wisconsin and other states search for Best Buy Shopping Hours as states like Michigan were all about getting their shopping done online at Amazon.

In Alaska, they were Googling 'What is Christmas?' Rhode Island was feeling the holiday romance as they Googled 'Tinder'. And on the west coast, in California and Nevada, they just wanted to know, 'Is Starbucks Open on Christmas?'

To check out the full map of what every state's top Google search was, click here.

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