Of the more than 77,000 U.S. employees for Apple, four of them reside in North Dakota, which is the least amount of any state in the country.

While the closest Apple store is quite the drive east of us in Minneapolis, MN, the four employees in North Dakota are known as "at-home advisors." They work from home and answer questions from Apple customers about products over-the-phone. Typically the questions are about the customer's iPhone, iMac, or iPad amongst other products.

Recently a chart was released showing where are the U.S. based Apple employees live. As the chart shows, Apple has employees from every state. Here is that chart:

So, next time you're having trouble with your iPhone, whether it bricked, or you're mad about the headphone jack not being there, Siri's being difficult, or maybe your iMac locked up due to a virus, just remember, someone who can help with your Apple product is closer than the closest Apple store, which is six hours away in Minneapolis.

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