The North Dakota Highway Patrol is transitioning from white vehicles to black vehicles in the coming weeks ahead.

According to the Grand Forks Herald, the North Dakota Highway Patrol has received 38 black vehicles, which will be used in patrol after being fitted with the proper equipment.

Over the next four or five years, the transition will be trading out 175 white vehicles that are currently being used. The main reason behind the big switch is due to safety concerns. Black vehicles are more visible during white-out conditions.

The price difference is negligible despite the fact that the black vehicles can be resold for more money.  The switch to black is also paying homage to when the Highway Patrol first started. Black vehicles were used the year the Highway Patrol was founded in 1935. Several colors have been used since including gray, silver, gold, maroon, and brown before the current white being used.

Depending on make and model, the Highway Patrol vehicles cost between $28,000 and $37,000 each.

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