For the first time in 2018, gas prices in North Dakota and nationally dipped slightly but could be on the upswing very soon.

On January 1st, prices in North Dakota were at an average of $2.47 per gallon. Since then, prices have increased right around 20 cents statewide, according to GasBuddy, before going down approximately 1.3 cents. This past Sunday, the North Dakota average price was at $2.64 per gallon. That price is roughly 35 cents more than a year ago at this time.

Nationwide, the average gas price on January 1st was $2.48 per gallon and was at $2.57 per gallon as of this past Sunday, which is less of a stark increase than what North Dakota has seen.

Analysts say the price drop is due to the Dow Jones average, decreased oil prices and a surplus in national fuel inventory. Gas prices could continue to drop over the next few weeks before they're expected to rise again throughout March, April, and May right up to Memorial Day. The spring months tend to bring about routine refinery maintenance as less gasoline is produced. Prices around Memorial Day weekend are expected to be anywhere from 25 to 50 cents more than they are right now.

According to today's listings on GasBuddy, the North Dakota average is $2.60 per gallon. The cheapest gas in the Bis-Man area is at several of the Mandan pumps listed at $2.64 per gallon.

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