Father's Day is this weekend and North Dakota is a great place to be a father.

Similar to what they did for working mothers, Wallet Hub looked at the best states for working dads by looking at several key metrics including child care costs, life expectancy for men in each state, pay rates, and several other factors.

Apparently being a working mom in North Dakota is better than being a working dad. For mothers, North Dakota came in at No. 4. For working fathers, North Dakota ranked No. 10.

North Dakota ranked well when looking at 'economic and social well-being' as well as 'child care rank.' North Dakota did not do as well when looking at 'work-life balance and health rank.'

North Dakota was in the top 5 in states that have the lowest amount of kids under 18 with dads present in their lives living in poverty. North Dakota was also tied for first place with a few other states for having the lowest unemployment rate amongst fathers who have kids who are under 18.

North Dakota dads work longer hours compared to those in other states though. North Dakota finished No. 49 in terms of average hours worked.

Check out the full breakdown over at Wallet Hub.

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