Here's an update to a tale of North Dakota golf cart larceny dating back to July of 2019.  Inter-state golf cart theft. Oh, what a web he wove.

A Florida man linked to dozens of motorized golf cart thefts in the Upper Midwest was sentenced Tuesday to two years in federal prison.

The FBI began investigating Nathan Rodney Nelson in July 2019 after the Cass County Sheriff’s Office in Fargo, North Dakota, asked for help in solving a series of golf cart thefts starting in 2017 in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

So much work and conspiring and what do you get? Two years in the hole!

So now we know the outcome, how did we get here?  Here's my story from June 2021

Combining Fathers Day, The Fast and the Furious, and Caddyshack- this story truly has it all...and more.

Well, maybe not "more"...but let's start with what we got.

Nationwide, golf carts have been going missing.

"Putting" away in the wee hours and leaving heartbroken course owners with nothing but memories of that sweet little beep-beep sound they once made when backing up.

North Dakota would not be immune to this wave of cart snatching.  The investigation began two years ago when the Cass County Sheriff's Department pulled out their mulligan and called the FBI after at least 70 golf carts in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin had been whisked away without a trace.   Taken in pairs under the cover of night, these carts were taken across state lines and fenced to unscrupulous golf cart black marketers who unloaded them to unwitting duffers at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Insurance covered it- so who really got hurt? Well, it's a good thing the Feds don't think that way. They took it personally and they got their golf snatchers...


It's always the folks you would least expect. The family that steals together eats meals together.

That's not true...sometimes it's a guy that looks exactly like an alleged golf cart thief.(now convicted)


Meet Nathan Rodney Nelson.  This alleged (now convicted) cart-napper was caught snooping around a Georgia golf cart dealer with burglary tools, extra serial number strips, and a 1-iron.  He claimed to be golfing but authorities knew that NOBODY can hit a 1-iron.  They linked him to 63 thefts going all the way back to 2017. That link there is from Golf Cart Daily Daily News? What?

How to keep your golf cart from being stolen? Here's 10 dopey suggestions from an actual website Golf Cart



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