Let's start with Mandan! Rand McNally's 2013 Most Patriotic Small Town In America.  That's right!  Minot has an Air Force Base.  Grand Forks has an Air Force Base.  Fargo has...um, oh yea- the VA Hospital!  I bet Williston has a VFW. The list goes on and on.

But according to "the failing" online survey site- WalletHub, North Dakota is only the 7th Most Patriotic State!

(WalletHub is a great site for surveys- it just amuses me to write "failing")

So how did this come to pass?  Who's ahead of us?  Most importantly- did we beat South Dakota? Well if you didn't click the link in the first line- click here.  So yeah! We beat South Dakota (#33), Montana (#12), and Minnesota (#9).  Seriously South Dakota #33? You've got Mount Rushmore!

When I moved to Mandan in 2001, I got to see my first 4th of July parade.

It's an annual event that will be really missed this year.  September 11th of 2001 was a tragic day in American history and flag sales soared.  It Seemed Mandan, where the 4th of July rules, had all the flags they needed.  Except for me who had to take the one out of the Bismarck Tribune which I put up on my screen porch.  Only to notice a few days later that I had hung it there upside down.  True story, and probably why we dropped down to #7.

I'm sorry to both America and North Dakota.

So, being #7 ain't so bad- that's 43 other states that could truly bone-up on their Constitutional IQ a little bit.

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