It may come to no surprise that North Dakota is one of the most right-leaning states in the country.

Based on a poll conducted by Gallup, self-identified conservatives in North Dakota outnumbered self-identified liberals by more than 30 percent in the state.

The poll asked citizens of each state whether their political views are very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal or very liberal. According to a sample size of 567 in North Dakota, 43 percent are conservative, 42 percent are moderate, and 12 percent are liberal. The conservative advantage (conservative percentage minus liberal percentage) comes out to 31 percent, which ties with Mississippi for 2nd most. The only state to beat out that number was Wyoming at 35 percent.

The most liberal states in the study were Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont was the most liberal with a score of -14 conservative advantage (+14 liberal advantage).

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