North Dakota Podcaster James Wolner is back with a look at the dark side of life in the Peace Garden State.

Mr. Wolner's latest podcast, Zeeland, chronicles the 1976 murder of Wade and Ellen Zick, a middle-aged couple living in the sleepy town of Zeeland, North Dakota.

Like the killing of the Clutter family in rural Kansas (the subject of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood) the Zeeland murders stunned many Americans with its brutality and left many wondering how such a heinous act could take place in such an idyllic location.

The cultural and violent excesses of the sixties and seventies seemed to have passed over rural North Dakota, which made the killing of the Zicks all the more a cultural shock.

We suggest you start by listening to our interview with james Wolner about this latest effort. Then go listen to Zeeland, starting with episode 1, at Apple Podcasts or the
Fargo Forum website.


[Source: Dickinson Press, Apple, Fargo Forum]

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