There are many homes, businesses, and buildings in North Dakota dating back to the 1800's. Looking at these places, you can't help but get a little awestruck.

There are a lot of churches throughout North Dakota, many brand new, and others quite old. Have you ever wondered which church is the oldest in the state?

If so, you're in luck.

Tracking It Down

If you want to check it out, you'll have to venture out into the middle of nowhere. You will need to hop off of highway 1804, and go down a little dirt/gravel road to see this gem.

The church sits nearest to Hazelton, a quiet little town.  At a glance, it might seem like an everyday average church, but you would be wrong to assume that.

This one has a lot of North Dakota history.


Google maps
Google maps

The Oldest Church In ND

According to, the oldest church in North Dakota is Glencoe Sloan Church. Keep in mind, this isn't necessarily the oldest congregation in North Dakota.

Glencoe Sloan Church is a Presbyterian church that was first constructed all the way back in 1885, according to the source.

I'm not great at math, but that puts this church at more than 130 years old. Wow!

Naming The Church

If you're wondering where the name came from, according to KX News, the church was named after the town of Glencoe, which once existed in North Dakota. Unfortunately, that town has dissolved.

Immigrants settling in the area decided to name it after something familiar, a town in Scotland named Glencoe, according to the source.

The rest of the name is said to have been chosen as a way to honor Reverend Isaac Oliver Sloan.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Then vs Now

You might be surprised to hear, that the church is still in use by the original congregation. How cool?!

If you're ever out in Hazelton, and you get an itch to see some North Dakota history, take a drive to see this quaint little church many are making great efforts to keep up and running.


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