Not a statistic to be proud of but if there isn't any light shed on it we could never get better right? According to the Bismarck Tribune, North Dakota is the 2nd worst state for DUI problems.

North Dakota has a DUI fatality rate of 6.6 per 100,000 residents  which is really high compared to Minnesota ( 2.2 per 100,000) and joins the ranks of the worst states with these problems. Some of those states include Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Kentucky and Maine.

It is kinda odd to me why It would be so high because the state really isn't that populated but it is .

The good thing though is the fact that the fatality rate has decreased every year for the past five years so it looks like law enforcement is working. The problem though will continue to be the fact that consuming alcohol is part of the fabric of the community and lifestyle, especially underage drinking.

A positive observation I have had bouncing around town here is that a good amount of people use UBER to get home and there really is a strong Law Enforcement presence in town.  Those two facts alone will attribute to it decreasing  this year as well I bet.

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