We've all been there.  You are worshiping the porcelain God, and you say to yourself or maybe even out loud, "I'M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN."

I recently asked my listeners on our Facebook page and on-air, which alcohol made you sick and made you never want to drink again?

That sure got me thinking.  I've had some rough nights back in college with rum.

Most recently, a really bad night with Malibu rum, that I mixed with the coconut drink, Bai.  Yikes, it went down so easily, and I barely moved the next day.

Schnapps was another tough one for me in college. 

Cinnamon and root beer Schnapps seemed to be at every party I went to.   Under the category of ridiculously stupid, my friends used to snort whiskey.  Yes, I tried it a few times.  Supposedly, it was to get you hammered faster.  I can't say I noticed that, but I can't stand the smell or taste of whiskey today.

A drink that didn't make the top 11, but I see the Bismarck Hockey Mom's drinking all the time is Fireball.

Of course, I got talked into a few shots, but never again.  I like cinnamon but that stuff is like lighter fluid.

And, I'll never forget one of my girlfriends back in the day getting wasted on Sloe Gin and barfing all over the door of my truck.  It went down the window and inside the door.  I never could get the smell of vomit out of that truck.  I didn't keep it long.

Well, enough on me, here are the top 11 drinks that caused our North Dakota listeners to hurl and say, "I'll never drink again!"

Top 11 Drinks That Make NoDak's Throw up.


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