At Fairmount High School, there are only 3 students in this year's senior class.

It's not too surprising in a town with a population of less than 400. However, all three students are men, meaning one will be named Homecoming King, and none will be named Homecomiing Queen.

So the three students decided to make a video in an attempt to get Ellen DeGeneres to serve as the Homecoming Queen.

The video, posted above, is barely over a minute long and the three seniors explain their predicament to the daytime TV host.

Unfortunately, the video was only posted on Sept. 8, and homecoming is on Sept. 17. That's not a lot of time for DeGeneres to see the video and make plans to attend homecoming.

As of now, it is not known if DeGeneres has seen the video and she has yet to respond.

According to InForum, other ideas the school has for Homecoming Queen include having the students between 7th grade and 11th grade, nominate someone to fill in as a stand-in Homecoming Queen to poke fun at the fact that the Senior class was unable to nominate anyone.

Meanwhile, there are only days left to try and get Ellen DeGeneres to see and respond to this request. Anyone who is rooting for Fairmount High School's success in this endeavor can try contacting DeGeneres and sharing this article on her Facebook or Twitter.

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