The city of Fargo and the rest of the state of North Dakota might not always see eye-to-eye on social issues, but it's safe to say we all agree that we should all enjoy the right to feel safe in our communities.

Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn has concerns about public safety

KVRR reports that Piepkorn is calling for an increased police presence in downtown Fargo due to "harassment and aggressive panhandlers".  Fargo is home to North Dakota State University and its very robust and ready-to-party student body.  It's not unique to Fargo, but suffice to say the Bison do know how to party. But it's not just the party crowds and the loud music, the community is also seeing a surge in folks living day to day on the streets. Piepkorn is looking to avoid conflict in the area.

“I believe police presence in the downtown, visible police presence. You’re visible not only for the bad guys but it’s also let people know you’re there,” 

Staffing is an issue for law enforcement, just as it's an issue for every organization and business in the state.  According to Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney thanks to the latest police academy they'll soon be adding more officers to the ranks.  Fargo Police also plan to open a downtown station in October.  With growth, there are always growing pains.

North Dakota has its own way of keeping the streets quiet.

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