The website CPA Practice Advisor shows us some research that was done to find the most searched tax terms in each state.

As we are right in the midst of tax season, many people of course want to get the most out of their tax return and want to find out about any tax deduction they can get.

Interestingly, one of the most frequently searched tax terms in North Dakota is "pet tax."

Of course you can claim your children as dependents but even though pet owners consider their pets part of the family, unfortunately pets cannot be claimed as dependents.

But the question still remains: can I get a tax deduction for having a pet? Like many questions that begin with, "can I get a tax deduction for…" the answer of course is, 'it depends' according to

Tax deductions are typically available for service pets such as guide dogs. Also anyone who breeds dogs for example, can certainly have some of their business expenses be tax deductible.

For the most part, anyone who is just a regular pet owner and is not in the business of pets likely will be unable to get any tax deductions for their pet. But of course with any tax questions, consult a tax professional for help.

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