It doesn't seem as if North Dakotans are too frugal in their spending habits.

The average person in North Dakota spends the 7th largest amount of money in a given year when compared to the rest of the states throughout the U.S. The number was an estimated and rounded $48,200 annually. By using data extrapolated from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the list shows that North Dakotans don't mind splurging when needed.

However, that more or less means that things can get pretty expensive in our state. The data used for the list took into account costs of housing and utilities, health care expenses, and eating at restaurants. We're spending more because these things cost more. The full map and breakdown of how much each state spends can be seen here.

Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts finished as the top two, followed by Alaska. Both North Dakota and Alaska have oil wealth, which puts pressure on rising prices. If you clicked on the map, you noticed the state was a reddish color. The more red the state is (non-politically speaking), the more money the average person from there spends.

Regardless, if you have the means, don't hold back, spend all you want, but there's also nothing wrong with saving money from time-to-time, or is there?

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