While most of us will choose to go the traditional route, some of us might try something a little different. Airbnbs have become more and more popular over the years, and it might be something you want to give a try.

While you can usually find some reasonably priced Airbnbs, there are some in North Dakota the are pretty spendy.

While poking around on the internet, I stumbled across a list of the most expensive Airbnbs out there. Keep in mind, they usually aren't anywhere near this price point, so don't let these listings deter you from giving Airbnb a try.

The Best Of The Best

A company called "Joybird" put together a list,  and it shows the most expensive Airbnbs across the country. You might think North Dakota's wouldn't be too high in the grand scheme of things, but you'd be wrong.

I actually fainted -- twice, while writing this list. Start fanning yourself, here we go!

Top 3 In The Country:

Most Expensive Airbnbs in the US

These are some of the most costly Airbnbs out there.

3. The Yacht - This one was also listed on Joybird, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any pictures. That said, the description is definitely unique. Located in Juneau, Alaska, this Airbnb isn't a home, but instead, a 95ft yacht. If you want to hop aboard, get ready to sell one of your children, because it will cost you $34,000 dollars for a 3-night stay.

North Dakota's Most Expensive Airbnb

You're probably going to guess where this one is located.


That's all we've got folks! If after reading this article, you suddenly feel inspired to join OnlyFans and/or seek out a Sugar-daddy... same.



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