Today it was announced that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on future $20 billls.

Of course there are a lot of people in our nation's history deserving of such an honor. Let's look at some historic North Dakotans (or people with ties to North Dakota) who should also be considered to be the face of currency if the discussion ever arises again in the future.

Elizabeth Bodine - Bodine was a humanitarian known for her assistance to the Native American population in the Belcourt area of the state. She was awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider award in 1979. Much of Bodine's family has ties to Minot State College. [Source]

General George Armstrong Custer - It should be noted that Gen. Custer was born in Ohio but his most famous, or perhaps infamous, moment occurred in North Dakota. Gen. Custer was generally a successful fighter in the Civil War but some risky (and maybe poor) decisions led to the eventual end of the Battle of Little Big Horn… a battle won by the Native Americans. "Custer's Last Stand" is the well-known name of the attack on the Native Village. [Source]

Sitting Bull - Sitting Bull was on the winning end of the Battle of Little Big Horn. He eventually escaped into Canada as more American troops moved in. [Source]

Lewis and/or Clark - They say two heads are better than one. Lewis and Clark famous expedition led them through present day North Dakota in the early 1800s mainly near current-day Washburn.  Both Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were born in Virginia.

Sacagawea - If you can't choose between Lewis and Clark, why not go with Sacagawea, a native well known in helping guide Lewis and Clark on their expedition. [Source]

Peggy Lee - Peggy Lee was one of the greatest jazz singers of her generation. Born in Jamestown, North Dakota, Lee has worked with Benny Goodman and Bing Crosby. She also provided vocals for the well known Disney classic 'Lady and the Tramp'. [Source]

Lawrence Welk - Welk was born in Strasburg, North Dakota and was a brilliant musician and well known for his show, 'The Lawrence Welk Show.' The variety show was a mainstay on national TV in the US for nearly 30 years. [Source]

Phil Jackson - If the U.S. mint likes basketball, this is the perfect fit. Jackson won three NBA championships as head coach of the Lakers and six NBA Championships as coach of the Chicago Bulls. Jackson is still alive and still in the basketball world serving as President of the New York Knicks. It would be awkward if he were put on any currency in the near future but hey you never know. Jackson was born in Montana but attended college at the University of North Dakota [Source]

Feel like any famous individuals with ties North Dakota got snubbed from our list? Let us know!



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