Previously we've discussed the most popular baby names in North Dakota but what about the most popular quirky baby names?

The website Nameberry set out to see what names seemed to be oddly popular in certain states more than any other.

For example, Utah is the home of Brigham Young University. And it just so happens that in 2015, 100 boys born in the United States were named Brigham with 23 of those being in Utah.

But there's not necessarily a reasonable explanation as to why certain quirky baby names were more popular in various other states.

According to Nameberry, the most popular quirky name for a baby girl in North Dakota is Aspyn. Meanwhile the most popular quirky baby name for a boy in North Dakota is Teagan.

Unfortunately Nameberry did not break down the data any further to say how many people in the US were named Aspyn or Teagan and how many of those babies were born in North Dakota.

Maybe you happen to know an Aspyn or a Teagan. It wouldn't be that surprising though as it seems there's a bunch of them around.

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