Besides the big game on Sunday, the drinks and the commercials, the next best part of any Super Bowl party is the food.

Thrillist recently published a list of every states favorite Super Bowl food. It is not a surprise that we find chili on the list for many states including Arizona and Rhode Island. But then there is more to a Super Bowl party than just chili.

Sliders is also popular in states like Wyoming, West Virginia and Georgia. Who can resist those little hamburgers? Face it, it takes 5 or 6 to make one full burger.

What about the wings? Yes, you'll find chicken wings in California, Nebraska and New York. We all love wings, which I like to call arms. Don't look surprised. If we can call drumsticks, "legs", we should be able to call wings, "arms".

Let's go to Louisiana for the crab-meat au Gratian. There is never too much cheese in this recipe!

Here is North Dakota, we go all out and have bacon-wrapped smokies! Actually, bacon-wrapped anything is perfect.

What's on your menu for Super Bowl Sunday?

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