Everyone has their favorite holiday treats and candy. In fact, it's impossible to get through the holidays without indulging on your favorites no matter where you are, even in North Dakota.

When I first saw the sourced material for this, I was almost reluctant to see the results thinking to myself, "If Reese's Cup Minis aren't the candy picked for North Dakota, I might have to move." You can't deny how delicious they are, nor can you only have one, they're just too good. Luckily, the results from Candystore.com didn't completely disappoint. They based their research on North Dakota candy users and candy manufacturers for Christmas candy within the state.

It seems the results for each state were broken down to the top three favorite candies of each state. Coming in third place was my favorite, Reese's Cup Minis. Seeing as how it found its way to be mentioned, I can cancel my U-Haul reservation. But of course, it would earn its way into the top three. How could it not? It's peanut butter and chocolate. It's delicious. There's no way you cannot like it. That is unless you have peanut and/or chocolate allergies. If that's the case, I'm sorry, and you're certainly excused. Moving on...

Second place went to Reindeer Corn, which, I guess is like the Christmas version of the Halloween favorite, Candy Corn. I can't really comment on this since I don't care for Candy Corn whatsoever, therefore, I'm sure I don't like Reindeer Corn. But apparently, everyone else in the state does since it's the second most popular candy.

And your winner that takes the title for the 'Most Popular Christmas Candy in North Dakota' is (pause for dramatic effect)...Chocolate Santas...Alright, I mean it's just chocolate, but I'm never going to turn down a Chocolate Santa. It seems kind of bland, but I can go with it. It's still tasty.

So, there you have it. Chocolate Santas is the favorite of North Dakota and I don't have to leave the state since Reese's Cup Minis received at least some sort of honorable mention. Have fun spoiling yourself on all the Chocolate Santas your sweet tooth desires this holiday season, but do so responsibly, North Dakota.

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