We all want to improve. Every year, many of us resolve to get better at (at least) one thing.

Common Resolutions

Arguably, the most popular resolutions tends to be to get more active and/or lose weight. Is that what North Dakotans are setting as this year's resolution? ... Not quite.

A study was done by Zippia to find what is the most popular New Year's resolution in each state for 2023. What it found is a little unexpected.

South Dakota

Interestingly enough, South Dakota is the only state in the country that had "Quit drinking" as its most popular resolution. We support you SoDak.

Most Popular Overall

The most popular resolution for 2023, according to the source, is "Go to therapy". A total of twelve states had this resolution in the top spot. These states include: Minnesota, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, and Maine, to name a few.

There's nothing wrong with talking to a professional and getting help sorting feelings. Mental health is something we should all take seriously.


Second Most Popular

Of course, losing weight is still a very popular resolution; it came in as the second most popular resolutions in the country. These states include: Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.


North Dakota

Alright already, I'll get to North Dakota's most popular resolution for 2023. It looks like we want to be more frugal this year; our state's resolution is to "Save money".

Admittedly, this should be my resolution, as I gasp nearly every time I look at my credit card balance. It's fine. I'm fine.

What's Your Resolution?

The source names the most popular resolutions in the country, but there are plenty more out there that we might not even consider. What are some of yours? Send us a chat message and share what you plan to do differently this year. Let's share ideas!

Success Of Resolutions

I hate to say it, but according to the source, out of the 41% of people who make yearly resolutions, only 9 percent are successful. Don't let that keep you from making one, though. Strive for greatness and improvement. Best of luck, and Happy New Year!

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