It's the little things in life that make us feel good.

But some of those little things make us feel really good. Here's a list of the things that make us feel absolutely incredible. Let us know on Facebook if we missed any.

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    When You Have to Run a Weekend Errand Not on Sunday

    There's nothing worse than that moment on a Sunday morning at 10am when you realize you need to run to the store… except you can't… for another two hours.

    But when it's Saturday, out the door you go!

    Nicole Riley | ThinkStock
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    When Your Small Talk Doesn't Have to do with the Weather

    "Hey… how about that Bison game yesterday?"

    *thinks to self… "YES! I didn't talk about how cold it is outside!"*

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    When North Dakota is Mentioned in a TV Show or Movie

    Hooray! They know we exist!

    Jami Garrison | ThinkStock
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    When The Snow is Just the Powdery Stuff

    When you dread having to clean off your car but then you realize you can clean it off just by breathing heavy enough.

    zest_marina | ThinkStock
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    When UND or NDSU Play on ESPN

    They like us! They really like us!

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    The Sound of a Snow Plow on Your Street

    "Mom! We can finally leave the house!"

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    When Wind Isn't Blowing in Your Face

    Most people think it's a myth… but this totally happened that one time.

    Robert Hoetink | ThinkStock
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    When You Don't Need To Use Your Defroster

    It's only 4 degrees and I don't have to scrape my car windshield! Guess who's getting to work on time today?!

    milanws | ThinkStock
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    The First Day of Deer Hunting Season

    School doesn't exist on this day.

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    Hey everyone, look! That big yellow thing in the sky is back!