A father of three Fargo public school students is calling on school authorities to address dress code policies that he says are "gender biased."

Martin Fredricks told the Fargo Forum that his son and two daughters have frequently told him about friends and classmates being disciplined for wearing clothes that are "too revealing."

While parts of the code are fairly specific (e.g. forbidding items that advocate violence or drug use) other parts are subject to interpretation.

Mr. Fredricks says the guideline are too vague; or, to put it another way: how revealing is "too revealing"?

The student handbook outlines a dress code that forbids clothing that is "too distracting to the educational process."

The Fredricks family is part of #IAmNotADistraction, a movement calling for reform of dress code regulations.

Mr. Fredricks says he and his wife are trying to instill self-confidence in his children, and that some of the guidelines amount to "body shaming."

[Source: Fargo Forum]


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