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Nothing But Old 45s is a radio show that plays classic hits from the '60s and '70s with a hint of major artists from the late '50s, as of 2018, "Nothing But Old 45's The Next Generation" plays hits from 1975-1995.  You'll hear the best of the best, many one-hit wonders plus some songs you rarely hear on the radio.


 The host and producer of Nothing But Old 45s, Larry Kratka, is a seasoned broadcast professional that has, literally, PLAYED most of the songs you’ll hear on the show when he was on the air at radio stations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Florida, and Georgia. Kratka first hit the air on WBRL in Berlin, NH in 1966 and has been on the air continually since then. While in middle and high school, he was usually the kid that played the hits at school dances. So when he talks about some of the songs he plays, he remembers playing them as a kid and through the years on the radio. 

attachment-LARRY KRATKA

     The name "Nothing But Old 45's" implies that 45 rpm records are played. True. In fact, there are thousands of 45’s and LPs in the music library. Kratka researches each and every artist before recording the shows and admits he has learned a lot of “nifty” stuff in the process. 

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