A new bill introduced is hiking the price of tuition for out of state students to attend public universities in North Dakota.

House Bill 1264 would impose a tuition hike at a minimum of 125 percent for students who are not residents of the state of North Dakota based on benchmarks from eligible states, according to Midwestern Higher Education Compact or the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education.

However, a much higher tuition increase of 200 percent would be placed on nonresident students from all other states, aside from Minnesota, which would be hit with a 115 percent increase.

Should the nonresident students be accepted at any of the public universities before July 1, 2018, the students' tuition would not increase as long as they maintain a full-time status at their attended university.

The first committee hearing on the bill took place this past Tuesday, although no acts have been taken on such legislature as of yet.

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