As North Dakota State prepares to face Jacksonville State this Saturday, January 9th, in Frisco, TX, we decided to test our Alabama coworkers' knowledge of Bison players.

In case you were unaware, Jacksonville State is actually located in Alabama, not Florida, as the name might suggest (or as I may have thought).

As we looked over the Bison roster to pick a few names to have them attempt to pronounce, there were quite a few viable options. We decided to go with:

  • Andrew Trzebiatowski
  • RJ Urzendowski
  • Zach Vraa
  • Jedre Cyr

Of course, we couldn't let them off the hook without having them say 'Bison' either, could we?

Hopefully, Jacksonville State has a tougher time with the Bison on January 9th than the staff in Tuscaloosa had with some of these names, because they actually did pretty good!

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