President Donald Trump may be the most divisive political figure in recent memory, but it's doubtful that many will question his latest move regarding student loan debts.

CNN News reports the president is signing an "executive action" this week, cancelling student loan debt for disabled military veterans.

This action comes just a few months after a coalition of attorneys general petitioned the Department of Education to make such a change.

"It is America who owes our heroes an extreme debt of gratitude," Mr. Trump said, speaking at a veterans' conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Up to now, law has required the government to "discharge" the student debt for any borrower who is "permanently and totally" disabled, provided they submit an application.

The attorneys general coalition told U.S. Education Secretary Betsy deVos that this was not enough.

The U.S. Department of Education said it would begin by notifying 25,000 eligible veterans.

[Source: CNN News]




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