Today (Friday) begins the United Tribes 49th Annual Powwow at United Tribes Technical College grounds. It's a three-day event with lots of activities. It was good to see Bismarck High school celebrate the event yesterday.

According to Tiana and Christine (students of the school), this was a Mini Powow put on at Bismarck High school during the lunch hour. It was pretty well attended and almost looked like a demonstration from the street. It wasn't until I got closer and asked around what it was that I realized what it was.

As you can see in the video, the crowd is really getting into the spirit of the dance and is pretty engaged.

Now as a white man, I'm not familiar with the different styles of dances that occur during these events so here's a YouTube video that can clarify that. 

As we get into Powwow weekend, it's great to reflect on the history and the beautiful traditions that brought us here today.