Another example of how North Dakota goes against the grain...
President Donald Trump’s approval rating is 59 percent here, according to a Gallup poll released yesterday (as reported in the Bismarck Tribune).
The rating in North Dakota is second only to West Virginia, where it sits at 60 percent.

State Republicans say the rollback of federal regulations is a major factor in the president's popularity here.

All is not rosy, however: GOP State Party Chairman Kelly Armstrong says failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act could hurt the reputation of the president, and the party in general here.

Kylie Oversen, the state Democratic chairwoman, says she wasn’t necessarily surprised by the results, given the landslide figure - 63 percent - with which Mr. Trump carried the state last November: “My assumption would be that the survey respondents who are still in favor of President Trump probably still feel the same way they did around the election, that there are certain issues that he has proposed that they care about.”





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