We've all heard the stories of the big one that got away. Fisherman can sure tell some tall tales. But, here's a real deal!

Matt Cardy / Getty Images
Matt Cardy / Getty Images

CBS Dallas reported a local man caught the record size bass using a chicken Mcnugget as bait on Lake Bardwell in Ennis County.

I know with all of the fisherman we have locally the Missouri River that have tried everything as bait to catch walleye and bass, the question remains, have you ever tried a chicken Mcnugget?

The lucky guy was Matthew McNellis was on the lake with his girlfriend. The fish were not biting and they tried everything just to get a hit. It was a slow day, no bites, no hits. After trying just about every lure in his boat, they tried a chicken Mcnugget on their hook and BAM, FISH ON!

They thought it was a catfish because it was so big and faught so hard. When they got the monster into the boat, it ended up being a record bass for the lake at just under 11 pounds and it was 24 and a half inches long. WOW!!

After taking pictures with the fish, they decided to release it back into Lake Bardwell.

Now, with Memorial Day coming up, how many of you will hit the drive thru at McDonald's and grab some nuggets?


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