Some say they can still hear the echo of the naughty words uttered by a Bismarck news anchor

What is your worst nightmare? Some say heights or creepy things like falling into a hole filled with snakes. Well imagine yourself on your first day at a television news station, far from your hometown, you come in motivated and excited to make an instant impression, and well everything turns into a complete disaster, losing your job in just a blink of an eye...( and a slip of the tongue )

The year was 2013, I was living in San Diego, I had no clue where Bismarck even was until I saw this story

I have been in the radio business since 1990, the one thing that people fear the most when they first start out, is slipping up live on the air and saying a naughty word. I'm pretty sure that AJ Clemente didn't have that on his agenda ( swearing ) when he walked into KFYR as the new co-host. There he was sitting aside the other host, Van Tieu - his hair all perfect, with a shiny suit on, seconds before he thought they were going live, a smile all prepared for his new city, and audience, and then IT happened. According to “F---ing s---,” Clemente can be heard saying under his breath as he fails to notice his microphone had been switched on"

He was going over some hard to pronounce words on his script when his two frustrated words came blasting

Yes, he was heard....not even 30 seconds into it. Yes, he was fired that same day. YES, he became an instant celebrity, landing on the "LIVE with Kelly and Michael" podcast just days after his debacle - the whole nation knew who he was then. AJ made a mistake that so many people have done, however in his profession, most of the time you are not given a second chance. He eventually moved back to his hometown and got his old bartending job back in Delaware's Dewey Beach ( where I'm 99% certain that not so pretty language won't be a problem} --- Here are the two videos that people STILL talk about - Obviously there is foul language ***

Say Anything YouTube

LiveKellyandRyan YouTube



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