Minutes after the Giants won the World Series last October, groups of vandals took to the streets of San Francisco and started setting fires, smashing store windows, flipping taxis, burning buses, and acting like crazy idiot douchebags all night. They caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, and several arrests were made.

San Francisco city officials are hoping the scene doesn't repeat itself on Sunday if the 49ers are victorious over the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl.

"The mayor expects a safe, peaceful Sunday and he's telling people to be responsible and respectful to the city. But we're ready for anything," SF spokesperson Christina Falvey told media outlets.

The city is putting 100 extra cops on the streets on Sunday, and garbage trucks were doing double duty this week so that business owners could lock up their empty garbage bins to avoid possible random street trash fires.

During the World Series in October, the game was broadcast for the public during a bash at the city’s downtown Civic Center. That’s not happening for Super Bowl 47. The game will be probably shown in bars across the city, of course, but public viewing stations are prohibited.

So, if you live in San Francisco, and you don’t want to be chased down and possibly wrestled to the ground by a horde of cops, we suggest celebrating indoors (if your team wins, of course). And if you must take your celebration to the streets, try not to burn down any buildings, OK?

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