Another celebrity will be stopping through the Bismarck-Mandan area this Fall. The one and only television personality and show host, Randy Fenoli will be the keynote speaker for this year's Bisman Bridal show.



Yep, it's that Randy! -- Not to knock any other Randy out there. According to the Bisman Bridal Show's Facebook page, he's coming to North Dakota.

Randy Fenoli was made famous from the TLC television show, "Say Yes to the Dress," and even went on to star in several spinoffs, like "Randy Knows Best,"
and "Randy to the Rescue." He's even written a book called "It's All About the Dress."

Fenoli is not only a television personality, but he's also a bridal fashion designer... obviously.

I'm eeeeeking with excitement.

Say Yes To The Dress

If you've never see the show, I'll paint the picture for you. Basically each episode features different women, with different budgets, looking for the dress of their dreams for their big day. It how us women live vicariously.


Exsqueeze Me?!

If you think that doesn't sound like much of a show, let me tell you, it is all drama. Will the dress thee fall in love with be "In-budget"? Will they find the fit and color they were hoping for? Will their moms and mother-in-laws-approve? Are they bridezillas to the max? These are all the things you will see unfold in the show.

Not going to lie, I watch this show often. It's one of my comfort shows, and as an unmarried, starry-eyed woman, it is my right to do such things.

The Details

The Bisman Bridal Show is scheduled for this Fall, October 16th at the Bismarck Event Center. A portion of the proceeds are going to getting toys for Bismarck's "Carrie's Kids."

As of right now, it doesn't look like tickets are not on sale just yet.


Question: Do you have to be getting married to go? Asking for no reason at all.

P.S. - He's originally from Mt. Vernon, Illinois, which is right by my hometown. Yeeee!


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