So how many times in your life can you say you were "out shopping" and you ran into an icon?

I can honestly say I have never had a "brush with greatness" in my lifetime, someplace say in town, on an ordinary day of the week, doing what is so normal, you round the corner and there is a flat-out icon? Yep, a superstar, a world-known celebrity, a ROCK STAR! What do you do? Freeze up or just casually walk over, hoping to make a little casual conversation? Now, it doesn't matter one bit if this person is part of your favorite kind of entertainment or not, it's still mind-blowing when that person is IN PERSON.

"Schools out for summer..." 

How many times have you sung along to that famous song? The gentleman that has rocked that tune for what seems like forever was seen shopping at Kirkwood Mall, just kicking it like any one of us. Maybe Alice Cooper was out looking for something new to wear when he walks out on stage tomorrow night at the Bismarck Event Center! Like I said before, it doesn't matter what kind of entertainment or music you are into, it's pretty surreal when a bonafide celebrity is out window shopping right here in our mall.

Alice Cooper -an artist at his craft for over 50 years

At just 74 years of age, he'll bring out the energy and classic songs from his amazing career! If you are curious, there was no report of Buckcheery ( opening band ) anywhere to be seen at Kirkwood :)


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